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Matthew Kilmurry is a lighting, set and production designer from Dublin, Ireland. Now based in Newcastle Co.Down, Matthew has been in the lighting industry since 2001. Having worked in several of Dublin's finest venues and toured throughout Europe and America. Matthew has a wealth of experience illuminating concerts, corporate events, car launches, parties, conferences, award ceremonies and fashion shows. Matthew has designed live shows for some of irelands biggest and most influential acts.  In October 2015 Matthew was nominated for Lighting Designer of the year for the prestigious

TPI awards, in December Matthew was subsequently shortlisted.


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Thanks to the photographers!

I would like to thank the following photographers without whom this website would not be possible. Enda Doran, Peter Neill,Dara Munnis & Kieran Frost. I'm sure you'll agree these guys are on top of their game.

Contact Details Below..

Peter Neill:



Enda Doran:

Kieran Frost:

Emma Synnott

Ruth Medjber

Annmaria Mieu



Also Brain Kenny from

for some video content.






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