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Live Music

LED Video Walls
& Media Servers

LED Video Wall and Media Servers are a specialty of Kilmurry Design. Integrating Video and Lighting is an integral part of many live performances. Productions must be executed with extreme care and precision to insure both medias work together in harmony. At Kilmurry Design we understand that both of these art forms need to operate as one coherent unit, and not as two separate entities. With this knowledge, and years of experience, we have mastered Video and Lighting cohesion. We use Hippotizer, Avolites Ai & Catalyst media servers, along side a wide range of LED Video Wall, from 3mm to 40mm.


& CO2 Bursts

Kilmurry Design can offer our clients the opportunity to take their show to another level with the addition of Pyrotechnics, Confetti cannons and CO2 Bursts. All can be timed to perfection during a performance to raise the levels of excitement at your show.

Specialist Lighting Effects & Retro Lighting​

In addition to using state-of-the art lighting technology, when possible Kilmurry Design loves to integrate old-style lighting into an event, whether it is a Mole beam light, dating back around eighty years, or a Sky Pan used in film as a soft light. You would be surprised how much these fixtures can enhance a stage!

Concert Lighting

We have every technical and design solution for an Arena tour including:  Motors, Truss, Generic Lighting, Automated Lighting, Design and Operation. We can provide Video Walls, Backdrops, and much more. We also offer the opportunity to pre-programme any large-scale event with an experienced WYSIWYG technician. This can greatly reduce on-site programming time, and also help to create a show full of creativity and imagination.

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